You can work from home and not get distracted; here’s how


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Published: March 26, 2020 1:20:48 pm

You have to give a certain priority to your work. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

It is so easy to get distracted when you are at home. Your home is a place where you used to relax before the global health crisis and the subsequent lockdown. So now that you are working from home, it is natural to get tempted by the homey comforts. Also, you may want to sit down with a family member and have a quick chat; only the chat isn’t that quick, and before you realise, you have lost a significant chunk of time.

When you are working from home, people in the family, especially kids, elderly and pets, may expect you to spend more time with them. A family member may want your help with household chores. And while you do not have to entirely dismiss them and rule it out, you have to give a certain priority to your work.

If you are getting easily distracted lately, here are some things that you can try, to make sure you remain as productive as ever; find out.

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Make yourself a timetable

Set aside some hours for your work and tell every family member about the same. Make it known that you would appreciate not getting disturbed in these hours. If you are the one who is feeling lazy, reprimand yourself and instead try boosting your motivation. Make sure you do everything you can to work as productively as possible in the hours that you have set for yourself. Once you are done, you are free and the rest of the day is all yours. Keep reminding yourself that.

Communicate with your co-workers

This way, you will get a sense that you are really working. You need to be in touch with your colleagues when you are working from home, because there needs to be some coordination. Otherwise, it would just be you and your house, and your family members, who may or may not have a clear idea of your nature of work. Also, it is strangely comforting to know that others are also keeping up with their work schedule, and that you are not alone.

how to not get distracted when working from home, working from home, tips on staying productive when working from home, indian express, indian express news When you are working from home, people in the family, especially kids, elderly and pets, may expect you to spend more time with them. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Stay away from social media

In fact, stay away from your phone unless you have make/receive calls. Set yourself a daily goal and work on meeting your deadline. The harder you work, the more rewarding the experience will be. Do not check your social media apps, unless your work requires you to. These are notorious for being the biggest distractions.

Rule of ’52 and 17′

Some studies have shown that for a proactive input and a productive output, you need to follow the rule of ’52 and 17′. According to this rule, for every 52 minutes that you work dedicately, you need to take a break for 17 minutes. The idea is to keep a person focused and motivated, taking breaks in between can make this happen. It is advisable, too. When you are taking a break, you can drink water, do some stretching exercises, take a stroll around the house, listen to some music, etc.

If you are particularly looking at productivity, there are many other things you can incorporate in your daily work from home routine. The key, however, is to practise self-discipline and not get distracted.

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