Quarantine fitness: Rohit Roy’s biceps workout with a twist is goals


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Published: May 27, 2020 3:00:18 pm

Rohit Roy’s biceps workout is goals. (Source: Rohit Roy/Instagram; designed by Gargi Singh)

Fitness is a commitment, and a sure shot way to not get bored and keep at it is to keep innovating. While it may not sound very convincing to those who are into a disciplined fitness routine, but introducing changes and trying out variations of exercises is considered good for the body. Sharing some much needed fitness inspiration is none other than actor Rohit Roy, who recently gave a glimpse into a typical upper body workout day. Considered one of the fittest in his league, the 51-year-old shared an ultimate biceps workout, albeit with a twist.

The Kaabil actor took to Instagram to share about the workout with a pause that is sure to amp up your daily biceps workout. Check it out below:

Here’s what he mentioned: “This is one bicep routine which I have invented myself! Nowhere will you get to see it but it blasts your bicep head like nothing else. I call it the ‘#HoldForGold’ workout! So do your regular speed curl, mix it up with slow reps and fast reps (pulses) and include a dead stop in it. Try it.”

Curious to know about the workout?

As a weight training exercise, bicep curls are known to be extremely important for working out the arms. However, one should be mindful of their pace to avoid injury on the arm muscles. The idea is to lift smoothly and feel the burn. An important aspect of a bicep curl is to not let the elbows move. They must be as close to the body as possible and only the forearm should be moving.

Roy’s workout, that demands more core stability, is a technique worth trying if you have mastered the regular curl. In the post, he is seen using EZ curl bar which allows more grip. Compared to a straight barbell, EZ curl bar is considered better on the wrists and allows the practitioner to practice with more weight. While performing the slow and fast reps, the actor can be seen holding the bar still for a few seconds in the middle of the reps. This, according to him, this helps increase toning of arm muscles and is a must try for those working to build biceps fast.

For acing the exercise with correct form, one must keep the wrists in the strongest position possible when turning them in towards the body. This ensures stability for the practitioner.

Here’s how to do it

*While holding the EZ curl bar, stand up straight.
*Your palms should be facing forward and slightly tilted inward due to the shape of the bar.
*Keep the elbows close to the torso; this will be the starting position.
*Keep the upper arms stationary but exhale and curl the weights forward while contracting the biceps. Focus on only moving the forearms.
*Continue to raise the weight until the biceps are fully contracted and the bar is at shoulder level.
*Hold the top contracted position for a second and squeeze the biceps hard.
*Inhale, and slowly lower the bar back to the starting position. This is one repetition.
*In between the slow and fast reps, Roy managed to squeeze in a dead stop.
*Repeat for recommended number of repetitions.

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