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    Fingerprint-Based Biometric Authentication Vulnerable To Forgery

    The widely trusted fingerprint scanning can no longer be considered secure according to new research that demonstrates how user authentication can be faked Biometric...

    Simple 3D Printed Ventilator To Prevent Medical Device Shortage

    The simple and cost-effective ventilator project composing of 3D printed parts is a great contribution to reduce the ongoing ventilator shortage amidst the...

    Rapid And Highly Precise 3D Printing Of Tiny Objects

    In contrast to conventional 3D printing methods, the new technique helps create precise objects as small as two centimetres in length, without any...


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    UN, Ethiopia sign deal for humanitarian access to Tigray

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    Authorities raid the home and office of Maradona’s psychiatrist

    The raids took place amid an ongoing investigation into possible manslaughter, the prosecutor working on the case, San Isidro's Attorney General John Broyad, told...